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Volunteer Registration

Terms & Conditions

  1. You can apply for volunteership Only Once & The tenure of a volunteer will be three years, If you want to continue your association with ACCI then you have to apply volunteership programe.
  2. In case of lost volunteership card immedietly inform the police & the organization’s office.
  3. Conduct or indiscipline in criminal activities or contrary to organization constitution and rules if done, the volunteership will be terminated.
  4. Volunteer will be responsible for the incorrect/incomplete declaration made in the volunteership application form, for which their Eviction/necessary action will be taken against him.
  5. Volunteership/membership of any other parallel organization is prohibited.
  6. The deposited volunteership amount will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  7. It is necessary to return the identity card at the removal from the organization.
  8. This post is completely selfless and honourable. Please do not expect any kind of salary/service consideration.
  9. After Receiving the nomination it’s veracity can be checked from organization’s website or headoffice. In addition to the headoffice, the nomination papers/I’d cards will be invalid.
  10. Proper legal action will be taken if misuse of post/identity card.
  11. You must always be ready to serve society.
  12. Always support the truth.
  13. Always Supoort the truth.
  14. The Nomination process will be possible only after the report and recommendation of the office.
  15. The National Executive reserves all its rights.
  16. All the Volunteer’s head/ Presidents will have a meeting in a month with their volunteers, all the information about the meeting workers will have to give 7 days advanceby written or mobile.
  17. Adequate reason for absence in the meeting must be given in writing to the office.