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Anti corruption committee of India is an organisation to help the people's those who become the victims of corruption. Corruption is a barrier to achieving the Millennium Development Goals and needs to be taken into account in defining and implementing a robust post-2015 development agenda. Corruption is a complex social, political and economic phenomenon that affects all countries. Corruption undermines democratic institutions, slows economic development and contributes to governmental instability. Corruption attacks the foundation of democratic institutions by distorting electoral processes, perverting the rule of law and creating bureaucratic quagmires whose only reason for existing is the soliciting of bribes. Economic development is stunted because foreign direct investment is discouraged and small businesses within the country often find it impossible to overcome the "start-up costs" required because of corruption.

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President Message

Mr. Manoj Agarwal
National President

Thank you to all the members and office-bearers of the national level and the state president of all the states, the vice president and the general secretary for choosing me as the National President of the Anti Corruption Committee of India (ACCI). Also thank you to all those who supported me while working in ACCI in last 6 years also, I assure all the respected ACCI members and office bearers that I will definitely continue to work whole heartedly for the development and expansion of the organization and the organization working like teamwork in collaboration with you I will try to move forward progressively May god give me the power to do so. Once again, all your well-wishers and colleagues heartily.




  • Mr.Kaushal Kishore Tripathi

    National Vice-President-India

  • Mr. Lavlesh Kumar Shukla

    State Vice-President-U.P.

  • Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Tiwari

    District Vice-President-Basti,(U.P)

  • Mr. Ramesh Kumar

    National Organization Secretary-India

  • Mr. Anil Kumar Verma

    State President-Haryana India

  • Mr. Manoj Agarwal

    National President-India

  • Dr.Ashish Tripathi

    District Vice-President-Allahabad (U.P.)

  • Mr.Ram Lakhan Sahu

    District Vice-President-Kaushambi (UP)

  • Mr.Atmanand Mishra

    State Organization Secretary-adhya Pradesh

  • Mr.Rajesh D Tiwari

    State President-Maharastra (India)

  • Mr. Om Prakash Dwivedi

    District Vice-President-Prayagraj (Y)

  • Mr. Rishabh Jain

    State General Secretary-M.P.

  • Mr. Sohrab Husain

    District Vice-President-West Champaran,Bihar

  • Mr.Yogesh Kumar

    Area Vice-President-Gwarauli,Bulandshahar

  • Mr.Rajendra Kumar Kesharwani

    Area Vice-President-civil Line, Allahabad

  • Mr.Ramjanam Tiwari

    Area Vice-President-Ramnagar, Varanasi (UP)

  • Mr. Bhupendra Agrawal

    District Vice-President-Dhanbad, Jaharkhand

  • Mr.Ram Prakash

    District Organization Secretary-maria

  • Mr.Balkrishna Tripathi

    State Organization Secretary-ttarakhand

  • Mohammad Yusuf

    Block Organization Secretary-Chail Kaushambi (UP)

  • Mr. Manendra Pratap Rajak

    Divisional Organization Secretary-Pratapgarh, UP

  • Mr.Santosh Kumar Singh

    State Welfare Secretary-Delhi

  • Mr.Ravi Mishra

    Tehsil Organization Secretary-hayal Kaushambi

  • Mr.Prashant Kesharwani

    Tehsil Vice-President-Chal, Kaushambi

  • Mr. Dharmendra Singh

    Tehsil Vice-President-Khaga, Fatehpur

  • Mr. Biri Singh

    Divisional Vice-President-Mathura, (UP)

  • Mr.Udhav Dubey

    District Vice-President-Mirzapur,(UP)

  • Mr. Tafzil Ahmad

    Tehsil Organization Secretary-Khaga (Fatehpur)

  • Mrs. Rekha Ankush Sheth

    District Chief Women Protection-Thane (MH)

  • Mr.Gowardhan Singh

    District Organization Secretary-maria

  • Mr.Shakeel Ahmad Warsi

    Tehsil Vice-President-Soraon,Allahabad

  • Mr. Lakshman Singh

    District Organization Secretary-Gurugram (HR)

  • Mr. Manish Kumar

    District Organization Secretary-Sonebhadra (UP)

  • Mr.Chandan Singh

    Block Vice-President-Pali (M.P.)

  • Mr.Manish Goel

    Area Vice-President-Khuldabad,Allahabad

  • Mr. Vinay Kumar Pandey

    Area Vice-President-Shaktinagar Sonebhadra (UP)

  • Mr.Vinay Kumar Srivastav

    Block Vice-President-Sarsawan Kaushambi

  • Mr. Arjun Maharana

    Area Vice-President-Andheri (E) Mumbai City (MH)

  • Mr. Nitish Anil Pawaskar

    District Chief Youth Protection-Mumbai City (MH)

  • Mr. Umashankar Mishra

    State Chief Farmers Protection-U.P

  • Mr.Arun Kumar Mishra

    District Vice-President-Chitrakoot

  • Mr. Gyanendra Pratap Singh

    District Vice-President-Fatehpur, UP

  • Mr.U.S.Jaiswal

    District Vice-President-Umaria

  • Mr. Dewang Sheth

    State President-Maharashtra India

  • Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Pandey

    Block Vice-President-Rajgarh, Mirzapur

  • Mr. Rajesh Jaiswal

    Area Vice-President-Anpara, Sonebhadra (UP)

  • Mr.Pradeep Kumar Chauhan

    District Vice-President-Azamgarh

  • Mr.Ram Naresh Mishra

    Block Welfare Secretary-Chail Kaushambi (UP)

  • Mr.Tribhuwan Singh

    Divisional Organization Secretary-Prayagraj

  • Mr.Jitendra Kumar Tripathi

    State Media Secretary-Uttar Pradesh

  • Mr. Nalin Kumar Gandhi

    Area Vice-President-Manasa, Neemuch (MP)

  • Mr. Hitesh G Sheth

    District Organization Secretary-Thane Maharashtra

  • Mr.Govind Kumar

    Block Vice-President-Sirathu, Kaushambi

  • Mr. Shiv Dhani

    Block Organization Secretary-Ghorawal, Sonebhadra

  • Mr. Rajkumar Chaudhari

    District President-Pratapgarh (UP)

  • Mr.Harsh Agrawal

    Area Vice-President-Meerapur

  • Mr.Lalluram

    State Organization Secretary-Uttar Pradesh

  • Mr.Chandra Shekhar

    District Vice-President-Kanpur Nagar (UP)

  • Mr. Rajeev Kumar

    District Organization Secretary-Muzaffarpur (BR)

  • Mrs. Suman Tripathi

    Area Chief Women Protection-Mumfordganj

  • Mr.Jagdambika Prasad Mishra

    Block Vice-President-Kakreli (M.P.)

  • Mr.Sharda Prasad Patel

    District Welfare Secretary-Prayagraj

  • Mr. Shamshad Ahmad

    Block Program Secretary-Chail Kaushambi (UP)

  • Ms. Shiba Khatoon

    District Chief Women Protection-Sonebhadra (UP)

  • Mr.Anil Kumar Asthana

    State Organization Secretary-Bihar

  • Mr.Om Prakash Tiwari

    State Office Prabhari-Maharashtra

  • Mr.Rakesh Kumar Tripathi

    State Organization Secretary-ttar Pradesh

  • Mr.Ramavatar Yadav

    Area Vice-President-Pakka Talab,Fatehpur,(UP)

  • Mr.Amrendra Srivastava

    Divisional Vice-President-Gorakhpur (UP)

  • Mr. Dharmendra Singh

    Tehsil Vice-President-Khaga, Fatehpur

  • Mr.Vineet Kumar Yadav

    District Vice-President-Allahabad,(U.P)

  • Mr. Amit Kumar Sinha

    District President-Gaya (BR)

  • Mr. Vipin Arora

    District Vice-President-East Delhi (Delhi)

  • Mr.Ajit Chandra Basak

    Area Vice-President-Lookerganj Allahabad

  • Mr. Ankush Hitesh Sheth

    State General Secretary-Maharashtra

  • Dr.Vinod Kumar

    District Chief Health Protection-Prayagraj

  • Mr.Sarvesh Kumar Yadav

    State Vice-President-Sambhal Uttar Pradesh

  • Mr. Mukul Kumar

    District Vice-President-Kasganj, UP

  • Mr. Prashant Vishwanath Shete

    District President-Kolhapur (MH)

  • Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh

    Tehsil Vice-President-Rasulabad, Kanpur Dehat

  • Mr. Radhey Shyam Anand

    State Vice-President-Rajasthan, India

  • Mr.Shakil Ahmad

    Tehsil Vice-President-Raniganj Pratapgarh

  • Mr.Dilip Kumar Kaushal

    Divisional Program Secretary-Prayagraj

  • Mr. Dharmendra Singh

    Tehsil Vice-President-Khaga, Fatehpur

  • Mr.Rajesh C Gondhle

    District Vice-President-,Mumbai City,(Maharashtra)

  • Mohd.Hashim Siddiqi

    Area Vice-President-Rajrooppur Allahabad

  • Mr.Shekhar Chandra Bhargav

    Tehsil Organization Secretary-adar Allahabad

  • Mr.Gaya Prasad Shukla

    Divisional Vice-President-Mirzapur (U.P.)

  • Dr. Lalit Kumar Dwivedi

    District Vice-President-Etah (UP)

  • Mr. Anjum Kumar Dubey

    District Vice-President-Farrukhabad, UP

  • Mr.Sabbir Hussain

    Area Vice-President-Naurozabad, (M.P.)

  • Mrs.Kusum Pandey

    District Chief Women Protection-Prayagraj

  • Mrs. Asha Sunil Khade

    State Program Secretary-Maharashtra

  • Mrs. Madhuri Ainarkar

    State Investigator-Maharashtra

  • Mr. Ammit Himatlal Ghelani

    District Vice-President-Ahmedabad (Gujrat)

  • Ms.Aruna Kanojiya

    State Chief Women Protection-Delhi,India

  • Mr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra

    State Welfare Secretary-Uttar Pradesh

  • Dr.Umesh Kumar

    District Vice-President-Sambhal (U.P.)

  • Mr. Pravin Kumar Sinha

    State Organization Secretary-Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Dr. Shri Krishna Patel

    District Chief Health Protection-Kaushambi, UP

  • Mr. Brijesh Kumar Dubey

    District President-Sonebhadra (UP)

  • Mohd.Rashid

    Block Vice-President-Karchhana,Allahabad

  • Mr.Abhishek Tiwari

    District Program Secretary-, Varanasi (UP)

  • Mr.Ram Charan Agarwal

    State Organization Secretary-,Maharstra(INDIA)

  • Mr. Dharmendra Singh

    Tehsil Vice-President-Khaga, Fatehpur

  • Mr.Amit Mishra

    District Organization Secretary-aushambi

  • Mr. Bisu Kumar Sen

    State Vice-President-Uttar Pradesh (IND)

  • Mr. Ram Sevak Yadav

    Divisional Vice-President-Allahabad (U.P.)

  • Mr. Kanhaiyalal Mandwara

    Area Organization Secretary-Manasa, Neemuch (MP)

  • Mr.Abhash Kumar Jaiswal

    Area Vice-President-Birsinghpur Pali, (M.P.)

  • Mr.Vijay Kumar Dubey

    Divisional General Secretary-Mirzpur(U.P)

  • Mr. Deepak Udani

    District Program Secretary-Thane (MH)

  • Mr. Syed Shaukat Hussain

    District Program Secretary-Prayagraj (UP)

  • Mr.Santosh Kumar Upadhyay

    State Vice-President-Maharashtra

  • Dr. Lalitkumar Manaklal Chordiya

    District Organization Secretary-Mumbai City (MH)

  • Mr.Gaurav Kumar Dubey

    District Program Secretary-Prayagraj

  • Mr.Ajay Kumar Mishra

    Divisional Vice-President-Varanasi,(UP)

  • Mr.Bhola Singh Yadav

    District Organization Secretary-aushambi (UP)

  • Mr.Sandeep Kesharwani

    District Organization Secretary-Prayagraj

  • Mr.Aditya Kumar Sharma

    Tehsil Vice-President-Sadar, Raebarely

  • Mr. Anil Vasudeo Pawaskar

    State Vice-President-Maharashtra

  • Dr.Balwan Singh

    State Media Secretary-Uttar Pradesh

  • Mr.Lavkush Yadav

    Block Media Secretary-Chail Kaushambi (UP)

  • Mr. Prakash Kumar Pandey

    District Organization Secretary-Siwan(Bihar)

  • Mr. Dharmendra Singh

    Tehsil Vice-President-Khaga, Fatehpur

  • Dr.Akash Pathak

    State President-Madhya Pradesh

  • Mr.Vinay Raidas

    Block Organization Secretary-akreli (M.P.)

  • Mr.Murlidhar Pandey

    District Program Secretary-Prayagraj

  • Mr. Rajesh Nishad

    District Organization Secretary-Agra,UP

  • Mrs.Arti Tiwari

    District Chief Women Protection-Mumbai City